Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Sept. 28 BUILD DAY

the other owl... it watches us while we work

Patrick is building himself a tree house!

Ladies and gentlemen, the first frame of the MOTHERSHIP!

Da-ve is building his own raft.  What are you calling it Da-ve? Anyways, he wants to float naked down the Winooski River with a keg of home brew.  I'm with ya man!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Owl sketch

A sketch of an owl:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Front page article in the SEVEN DAYS!

Build Day - Pull Nails 9/24/08

Mike's raft is looking good but we need proper foam.  Poppa says big, dense foam blocks is what we need.  He says dealing with little ones is such a pain you might just give up.  

Mike's goal was to have this out on the water yesterday.  He was not able to find foam before he went on vacation.  We miss Mike.

Da-ve working while Gavin thinks about his grandmother.

Patrick needs attention. Greg is found these fists of fury in a dumpster.  Whoever got rid of these beauties must have made their child very upset.  They even make a Hulk sound when you pound them! 

Jamie is back in town!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Greg and Bill

Josh gives thanks for this vehicle.

Poppa and Betty checking out the heavy duty beams we removed from the decon site. Poppa stood looking reflectively at these beams for a while.  

Greg worked hard all day that day. I found out he was real man and I am not.

Sara, Poppa, and JonWill

Michael explaining to Bill how things are done.

Mike (builder of our first raft), Poppa, and Elliot (thanks to Elliot for finding us  a barn)
Josh pretending to work so I will take a picture of him and put it on this blog and everyone will think he has paid his stay on the Mothership.


Josh is Nutso

I still can't figure out who Josh was talking to.

Owl Hanging

Travis counts the white lines on the road, creating a plan of attack for the truck's departure.

Gideon's construction fashion career has formally begun.
Bill is about to make love to this owl before he nails hanging it on the rubble.

We decide this would make a better home for the owl.  More visible from the road.  All will now know that this mess belongs to the Owl Party.

You should have seen how its eyes glowed. "What a glorious, glamorous glint glowing like a globular goblin," we declared simultaneously (it also kinda creepy). Josh was more excited than I was. His voice had that sledge hammer-in-dry-wall tone like a real Vermonter. 

 I have no idea why this text came up as a link.

Second day taking apart the barn in Jonesville to salvage wood for our rafts. Josh and I arrived when everyone was getting ready to leave.  We brought by these owls.  Pretty sweet! We hung one here and one at JonWill's house.  From every angle, it seems like they are looking at you. We should start making our own cast iron owls and trading them for donations.


Monday, September 22, 2008


some pix for the blog or whatnot, from sunday @ barn decon:

Owl Party weekly potluck

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Poppa (sage, sailor), Michael (carpenter), Burlington Free Press reporter [sitting], Patrick (owl), JonWill (proprietor) at the build site of the owl party's first raft.  


The Owl Party welcomes all who agree to adhere by three principles : eye contact, courtesy, and due process. You have arrived at an open space intended for Owl Party members to express themselves publicly. It was not envisioned to be a message board, apart from the (hopefully frequent) event posting or update. Most of that dialogue has its home on our listserv. This forum will serve as a way for people to discover, first hand, the true spirit and intentions of the Owl Party. Many articles will be published in many different publications about our group and our mission. Let OUR poetry and prose rise to the surface, above all the misperceptions and inaccuracies that will inevitably be circulated by the press. Feel free to post pictures and videos too. Long live the Owl Party. Long live Poppa Neutrino!