Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Travis counts the white lines on the road, creating a plan of attack for the truck's departure.

Gideon's construction fashion career has formally begun.
Bill is about to make love to this owl before he nails hanging it on the rubble.

We decide this would make a better home for the owl.  More visible from the road.  All will now know that this mess belongs to the Owl Party.

You should have seen how its eyes glowed. "What a glorious, glamorous glint glowing like a globular goblin," we declared simultaneously (it also kinda creepy). Josh was more excited than I was. His voice had that sledge hammer-in-dry-wall tone like a real Vermonter. 

 I have no idea why this text came up as a link.

Second day taking apart the barn in Jonesville to salvage wood for our rafts. Josh and I arrived when everyone was getting ready to leave.  We brought by these owls.  Pretty sweet! We hung one here and one at JonWill's house.  From every angle, it seems like they are looking at you. We should start making our own cast iron owls and trading them for donations.


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